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Zuney Tunes

If you are in a quandary over the new Zune, i.e., do you upgrade or stick with your iPod; or looking for your first player, here are some considerations.

The Zune gets high points on music and picture sharing but unless your friends go with Zunes as well, you will be limited. The LCD screen is also larger with a larger than life buffet subscription offering. If you have an Xbox 360 and want streaming, then Zune is for you as well. The Zune will give you a scratch resistant player with a built in FM tuner. If you donít care about those options then iPod might be for you.

iPod has the larger music library and movie and TV store as well as extras like a calendar, notes, stopwatch plus games galore and that famous touch sensitive wheel. iPod has been around the longest and therefore has more support. You may want to hang on to your iPod or put off the purchase of the Zune just a tad longer, when the next iteration should be in the offing.

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