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Abby's Guide Terms of Service

User must agree with all of the following statements prior to becoming a member.

AbbysGuide is a community of people helping people make good decisions. Please treat people how you would like to be treated. Foul language, personal attacks or behavior that is disruptive to the helpful atmosphere of the sites will result in that member being banned from the sites.

AbbysGuide is a "G-Rated" site, and therefore posts that contain sexually illicit, violent or racially insensitive material will not be tolerated.

When posting a message or review on AbbysGuide you are giving a soft license to AbbysGuide for its use.

Messages/reviews are the opinion of the poster not AbbysGuide.

Attempts to organize members in such a way as to influence any person or company will be deleted.

Topics/posts related to the activities of the moderators or administrators are not permitted. Moderators/administrators would be delighted to hear your opinions via email.

None of the content in the reviews/posts may be reproduced without the permission of the member who created them.

AbbysGuide's TOS applies to PMs as well as forum posts and reviews.

Users are responsible for their own messages/reviews and users agree that AbbysGuide will not be held liable for any messages/reviews posts.

The message board/reviews section are not a forum for advertising/marketing your products or services. AbbysGuide's administrators and moderators will be the final word in determining what constitutes advertising. The standard may vary between product groups and with time.

Note to retailers/manufacturers: You may display an email address that has your business URL listed and/or note the company you work for in your profile if you link to the AbbysGuide home page of the product in question from your company's primary home page. Permission to enter into this arrangement will be decided on case by case by AbbysGuide administrators/moderators.

You agree to not leave signatures, URLs or text that would lead people to your site. AbbysGuide moderators will tend to error on the side of caution and delete posts.

Creating a username that is an obvious product/domain/service name will be removed. Usernames that are inappropriate (rude/vulgar/etc.) will be deleted.

Self-promotion of any form will be edited out of the forums.

You will not count AbbysGuide or its members liable for any posts/reviews on the site.

Comments from moderators do not reflect the opinions of AbbysGuide.

No copyrighted content is permitted to be inserted into posts/reviews. Users may use excerpts of less than one paragraph if quoted and sourced properly.

Users will not post any of the contents of any email message to the reviews/forums.

Users will treat moderators with the respect they deserve at all times.

You are older than 12 years old. If you are 12 or younger you will need a release form from your parents prior to posting anything to the site. (COPPA, 2000)

We reserve the right to modify/edit any content that has been placed on

These terms of service may be modified without notice and are retro active.

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