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Based on research, people spend much more time getting familiar with a product category than selecting the best of a couple products they are looking at. When a person is looking to purchase a hot tub they will usually go to at least two hot tub dealers. During this time the purchaser is spending 80% of their time learning about the product category and 20% comparing the hot tubs. As the product education level of the purchaser increases the less they are learning about hot tubs and the more they can compare. Since in the early stages of a purchase decision is dominated by learning about the product category wouldn't it be great if you could get this education by visiting an unbiased web site (Abby's Guide) from the comfort of your own home? YES! This is why we are here. Our buying guides, reviews and forums can save you many hours driving around town and more importantly — we can save you from making a poor decision.

The unique combination of buying guides, reviews and forums for each product category Abby's Guide covers makes us an exceptional place to look first. We hope you find our services to be as useful as millions of others have.

Who writes for us? Registered nurses, management consultants, recent college graduates, riders, mechanics, product specialists, seminary students and MBAs. Our diverse writing corp is the key to our success and your education. We hope you enjoy.

Abby's Guide is staffed by former management consultants who have a knack for helping people understand complicated products. The staff has helped millions of people make better purchase decisions since 1998.

Press Release

Just in Time for the Holidays - New Entrant in the Consumer Buying Guide Space; Educates Users on Consumer Products in a Clean and Efficient way employs buying guides, reviews and forums to help users determine which product best meets their needs. No graphic advertisements on the site make for a clean and fast user experience.

Ewing, NJ November 30, 2005 -- helps users determine which consumer products best meet their needs. Reviews, buying guides and user forums all combine to aid users in their quest for finding the "right" product. Consumers spend hours researching many difficult to purchase products and seeks to reduce that time considerably.

Soft-launched in early 2005, has grown to 41 content areas. Plasma televisions, outdoor power equipment and home fitness equipment are just a few of the areas that have been researched by AbbysGuide's staff. With user traffic nearly doubling on a monthly basis AbbysGuide is poised for significant growth.

AbbysGuide's staff begins the research into a particular product area and creates a guide for that product. The guide is created to take a user that knows very little about a product and gives them the information they need to start analyzing features and benefits of the product they are interested in. As the user is educated and has more specific questions about a product they find their way to reviews and forums.

AbbysGuide's staff believes that a people-helping-people philosophy will help grow the site. People helping people by posting reviews and submitting to the forums is what will propel the site to prominence in years to come.

Though in its infancy, AbbysGuide has been serving nearly 100,000 visitors a month. In addition, AbbysGuide has nearly 1000 registered users that submit reviews and post to forums on a regular basis. Having started with lawn mowers, AbbysGuide is seeking to replicate the success of its outdoor power equipment forum and reviews.

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