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Dump those tunes before you sell your player

It seems like a good idea. You upgrade your mp3 player and decide to offset some of the investment cost by selling your old player online. Fine if you remove the tunes, but if you leave them on the player you may be asking for trouble of the legal kind. Of course you have a much more attractive item to sellers if it comes pre loaded with all kinds of great music.

Music industry folks say itís against the law. Itís as if you burned a ton of ďalbumsĒ onto a DVD and sold that, or even put movies on DVDs and sold them and that action is against the law. As for the music, think about how you originally got the songs. Some of your music most likely came from a download and there were license strings attached that say reselling is a no-no.

Ebay agrees with the music industry and says it wonít sell pre-loaded players anymore. The general consensus is, why play with the big guys and their legal teams. Just erase the player before selling and you are OK. And about those DVDs? Donít even think about it.

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