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iPod battery issues

Ipods seem to be the world’s MP3 player of choice, but the Apple product is lagging behind when it comes to battery performance. Doesn’t look like Apple is keeping up with their competitors like Sony, who says their latest entry will go for 32 hours of power. And now MobiBlu has come out with a sweet little player that they claim will go for the head shaking length of 153 hours. Hence it is called the MobiBLU B153. You get FM capability, audio recording and the typical MP3 and WMA use with a max capacity of 2 gig.

If you are into “too cute to be believed”, MobiBLU also manufactures this slightly over one inch by one inch by one inch Mp3 player cube that comes in black as well as bright colors.

The MobiBLU DAH-1500i sells for various prices, depending on the capacity, topping out at $130.  There are all kinds of accessories with which you’ll want to build, and the LED screen is certainly readable.

This is a far better choice than Apple’s Shuffle if you don’t want to go with the ipod level options.

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