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What did you say??? Some say mp3 players are too loud

The ears have it when you are shopping for the best mp3 player. You want the best audio for your money these days. But keep in mind your precious asset of hearing can be negatively affected by these little guys that pack a ton of sound in that little player.

First look at how you are using the small earbuds that come with your player. With the outside the ear headsets, the sound can be somewhat dispersed. But the farther you jam the buds down your ears canals, the less space the sound has to go and can really damage your ear drums. Add this to the 110 decibels your teeny player is cranking out and the scene doesn’t get better. Leaf blowers don’t get that loud.

Add onto this the non stop listening for hours on hours while you travel and the distress to your ears can be very harmful, resulting in a constant ringing and/or a plugged up feeling in your ears and even muffled hearing in general. In fact Apple is dealing with a class action that assets Apple doesn’t warn you adequately that improper use can affect your hearing. For their European market, Apple has put volume inhibiting software but evidently doesn’t think the US buyers need it.

Word to the wise…turn it down.

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