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Zen V and Zen V Plus

The Zen V and Zen V Plus is due out in July 2006. Maker Creative says it will fit in the coin pocket of your jeans and has the whopping 1.5 inch color OLED screen. The player fits well with subscription music purveyors and features a line in port for direct recording from your other audio players and radio.

Creativeís chairman Sim Wong Hoo claims his new offering will showcase photos and videos in stunning color all the while providing awesome sound quality. Donít need a radio or video options? Take a step back with the plain old Zen V. But for an extra ten bucks you can get the one gig Plus model, twenty more will get you the 2 gig Plus, with thirty more you can get the four gig model, pricing out at $229.00. If you donít like their black or white color scheme with orange accents, accessories will come out this summer as well.
Slipping into your swimsuit this summer? Worried about how the mp3 player will mix with moisture? Twinbird has come out with a case that is waterproof for pool and boat use. The case has an integrated speaker, in case you want everyone to hear your garage bandís latest CD. Want radio? The 175 by 77 mm frame has a built in FM tuner. Proud as punch of your player? The horrifically named XZABADY(AV-J122) has a see through packaging powered by a couple of AA batteries that will give you anywhere from six to 22 hours of listening pleasure.

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