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Need more features for your MP3 player?

Like to run or swim for pleasure and exercise? Oregon Scientific says “you go girl (or guy)” and has come up with a neat little MP3 player that is waterproof, shockproof and has a pedometer integrated into the little puppy. You get a ton of extras including a gig of storage, an FM radio,  the aforementioned pedometer, a pace counter for even more information, an alarm, a stop watch, a calorie counter and even a BMI calculator for those terribly manic people.

The MP121 comes with earphones that are waterproof, the obligatory belt clip and armband pouch and the necessary USB cable.

LED screen is generous, and comes with three options of back lighting, if those sort of things matter, in blue, orange or purple. This may be the ticket for you if you are an athlete that puts your MP3 player through some rigorous training. Oregon Scientific lists the MP121 at $189, but street prices may be a bit lower.

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