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Vision issues with video mp3 players

Think your video mp3 is the coolest? It probably is. There are so many videos to download now with the networks making old TV shows and music videos available as well as games and movies. But even though good things come in small packages, some bad things can happen when those packages are too small.

Think for your eyes the next time you bring that video screen about an inch from your face, and strain to see Beyonce doing her thing. Your eye is a bunch of muscles that do their thing to make sure you can see everything in focus.  But when that focus is directed to a teeny screen for more than an hour, those precious muscles can get weary. Eye doctors are seeing kids come in complaining of blurred vision, red, dry, irritated eyes, and constant headaches.

If you want to save your eyes, keep in mind you need good light to see the screen. Donít forget to look away from the screen every five minutes and give your eyes a rest. And if you wear glasses or contacts, keep your prescription up to date so you arenít compounding the problem.

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