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Swiss Army mp3 player

We all know that when you are in a bind the Swiss Army knife has a tool that can save the day. Well, you may not need the spoon or the cork screw, but how about some toons while you are bored waiting in your duck blind for the next accommodating fowl to fly into view.

Victorinox along with their partner in this audio venture,  Swissbit, have come out with an mp3 player incorporated into their multipurpose knife, called the Swiss Memory s.beat. Itís a one gb digital audio player that operates off flash memory. You get eight hours of playback time for all major sound formats plus an FM tuner and USB storage capabilities.

Along with the detachable audio player, you also get the traditional Swiss Army knife accoutrements. Thinking about flying with the tool but are concerned about getting by security with this veritable weapon? It even comes with out the tools. Youíll pay about $170 for the whole kit. Rest assured they will follow with two and four gb options soon.

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