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New Take on Travel

We love to travel and this following bit of news got us excited about our next big trip.

iJourney is a new service that lets you download walking tours of your destination right onto your mp3 player. iJourney is the brainchild of Elyse Weiner, a former news producer whose work as a foreign correspondent brought her to a lot of unfamiliar cities. Do you just hate the walking tours where the guide moves too quickly or too slowly, or one or two travelers ask inane questions? Weiner has a repertoire of about  nine cities, including San Francisco stateside and Rome, Florence and Venice in Italy as well as other venues.  For fifteen dollars a download you can be off and running, er walking, through your city. Guidebooks can be downright irritating if you have to constantly look down and read through boring paragraphs to get to the right spot or to find any bits of information that are interesting.

Some other sites for walking tours include and Check out some samples before you click download to make sure the style and information are what you want. I canít wait for our next big trip to try a tour out.

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