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Pioneer's new satellite radio and MP3 player

So you’re listening to satellite radio…and suddenly the signal drops. But you need your toons man. Pioneer has come up with a new toy that combines XM Satellite Radio and an MP3 player that lets you switch between the two. The Inno XM2 weighs about four and a half ounces and is a snazzy grey and black. It resembles a mini cell phone, and even uses the little graduated iconic bars for the kind of reception you are going to get.

Just press the Mode button on the Inno and you go from your MP3 music to live XM radio. If you want you can program your Inno via a USB connection to your PC, and drag and drop your selections onto your Inno. You can record right off the XM selections, even catching the full song after it has begun.

There is a mini color screen and menu operations on the front, volume on the side, and the buttons that glow in the dark (with your girlfriend at a “chick flick” and going crazy?) The one gig hard drive is divided into halves for XM and your own selections. This gives you almost twenty five hours of XM stuff and 8 hours of your own. Not a lot of options there…maybe next iteration. But it’s a great step to having it all.

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