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New player from SanDisk, the Sansa C100

If you are looking for an MP3 player that does just what it’s supposed to do without the high price tag, SanDisk has a new low end, high featured mp3 player – the Sansa C100 line.

It has a front located color screen along with the nav wheel that when pressed up will play and pause tracks, left and right are good for reverse and fast forward. Press down and you get the music menu to group your tunes and come up with playlists and then shuffle through them. The button in the middle of the nav wheel serves as a select option when you are in menu mode. 

High on my list of wants is the easily replaced triple A battery for power (although it makes for a tad bulkier package). Dig a little deeper and you find a built in recorder for voice and the also integrated FM radio, an easy synch with Windows XP via the proprietary plug (Note to SanDisk – that was a mistake…keep it simple!!) and USB connection, all with a great sound.

The best part of the C100 is its price…1 GB (C140) version runs for a little over a hundred dollars, the 2 GB (C150) for a little over $150. It resembles the ipod family without the huge investment and battery issues. If you are just getting into the pod scene, this might be a great entry point for you.

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