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Free backup software options

BackUp Maker is a German product. The English version can be downloaded at, or just navigate to their site, click on Backup Maker and on the British Union Jack for an English version. This freeware (you will need to pay for the Professional version with more bells and whistles) lets you create a backup of all your data once and then schedule mini backups of files you choose, all in a pkzip format.

Another perk is the ability to record right onto your CD drive, omitting the save to file step before you record.

Aethia in Italy has a free data backup available for download from their site. Although it hasn't been upgraded in about four years, you can still download it. Just go to and navigate to their dbackup program. It is easy to use (even easier than Windows XP's version) creating backup files, but there is no means of scheduling regular backups.

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