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Data backup for your mobile device

You know back up is important for your home computer, but you have other information out there that needs to be protected. O3SIS Information Technology is thinking for you, and wants to help you keep your mobile apps backed up as well.

Over 40% of those surveyed by Infosecurity Europe and Computer Weekly said they had their mobile phone stolen or misplaced. Think of all the information you have on your phone and the work it would take to assemble it all and enter it into a new phone. It can be a three month process to get everything back on your phone.You have better things to do.

Hewlett Packard thinks so too, and has linked with O3SIS as part of their mobile device framework. The company’s Back Up and Restore automatically protects your address book, email, and other personal data you have on your phone.  O3SIS operators back up your data over the air, saving you the trouble of uploading to your PC. Phone stolen? The operator can then lock your phone, wipe out the data on the stolen phone and restore it to the new one. All within minutes. Nice huh?

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