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The best data backup...

... is the one you do right before you have a crash.

Before you open another Word document, make sure you have a data backup program. It just isn’t necessary to worry about a computer crash anymore.

Beginners can start with Prosoft Engineering’s Data Backup 2.1. You’ll get an easy to use program with some nice touches. On launch it looks for an external drive. If it finds one, being a very polite program, it asks if it should be the default. Then just drag your files and folders into the source section. With a click of the Start Now, bingo backup. You can save the settings as well for future “bingo” backups.

There are six backup modes that will cover a number of backup approaches, and they are customizable as well as the scheduling. Whether it is every hour or every month, Data Backup will do the job.

One downside, no automatic back up to a CD or DVD…it’s back to manual if this is your backup media of choice. So before another day of potential crashing goes by, look into Data Backup 2.1.

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