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What is continuous data protection?

You know you gotta backup your PC data and companies are trying to make it easier and cheaper for you.

The latest kid on the block is called continuous data protection or CDP. Itís concept is to record every change that you make in a file and keeps track of those changes. Then this record is available if and when you want to revert to whichever iteration. One product on the market is IBMís Tivoli CDP for Files, an easy to use and mini bucks option.

You just specify the files you want to continually back up, then note the destination drive (either remote or on your PC config) and how much space you want to give to these files. If you set up a ton of space, you get a longer recording history. You can also define the files that donít need this nifty back upÖno need to waste space.

You get an initial full backup (start the process and then go mow the lawn, take a shower, grill some burgers for supper, etc.) but once that is over and done you donít have to think about it until you lose something. A Restore command helps you bring back your file(s) and pick the version you wantÖmost likely the latest.

At a refreshing $35 per license it doesnít require a back up brain to give it a shot.

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