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Top 10 ways to protect your data

If you want to perseverate on potential computer disasters, Remote Backup Systems, Inc. has come up with a top ten list that could keep you going for a couple of gigabytes…
Top of the list are hardware failures…things like malfunctioning controllers and motherboards, crashing drives and other inside the box breakdowns make up almost fifty percent of computer disasters.
Then there are failures of the human kind…when you hit the delete button, power off and go on vacation, only to find upon your return that the Anderson file is no longer in existence. Overwriting files is another failure attributable to “moi”. Also included in this category is accidental destruction of hardware. Think about the time you kicked your grey tower after getting a Dear John email, or when you spilled your coffee over your open computer.
Power surges and electrical outages (yes, you should have a surge preventer hooked up) will do damage as well.
Then there are the malicious people with too much time on their hands and not enough sense who devise viruses, malware, Trojans, adware, etc. that destroy or harm your data files. Unfortunately, the products of their endeavors are increasing almost fifty percent each year.
Or how about human failure of the worst kind…employee sabotage, i.e., someone who has legitimate access to the data store actually destroying valuable data in a malignant pique?
So back up and save often to ensure you will wake up to another bright and sunny day at the computer.

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