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Web site backup

You have a web site that is generating income for you, a clever shopping cart app and a great range of products. If you want to keep this cash cow, donít forget to back up your web data. That customer database can go the way of your latest failed server, and leave you wondering what happened. And letís not even think of the clever thirteen year olds in Serbia just dying to hack your site.

Look into some technologies that will fit your database traffic... high traffic, daily (or at a mega busy site, hourly) backups. If that describes your web site volume, you may want to check out BackupExec by Veritas for a Windows server.

For Unix situations, look at Bacula for a budget backup. And donít forget media. If there is a ton of info to back up youíre going to be looking at another hard drive or tape (the most secure). For not so big files and a high degree of portability, you can look to CDís or DVDís.

Whatever you choose, have a stated plan in place for backing up and restoring and let everyone involved have easy access to this plan.

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