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PowerVault powers Data Backup

I gotta tell you, just the name of Dellís new backup storage device sold me.

PowerVault RD 1000 inspires trust and confidence. But itís more than a name. this removable disk add on for backup and restoring has the speed of its hard disk but adds the portability of tape. If you have a small or medium sized business or data that you just canít afford to lose, consider the PowerVault. It combines tapeís best attributes of convenience, portability, low cost and long life with the dead on performance, random access, reliability and growth attributes of disk. Itís portable but tough with an internal shock absorber.

You can choose between a USB external or SATA internal configuration. Thereís easy installation and basic backup and restore scheduling for either a single server or workstation. The PowerVault comes in 40, 80 and 120 GB capacity with speedy rates of up to 34 mb per second. If you are thinking your current lack of backup or inadequate backup needs amending, consider the PowerVault.

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