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The Trailer

The trailer can be the perfect option for traveling with family on that weekend camping trip. They range from smaller pop-up trailers to the much larger travel trailer. They are a single level and are hitched up to an SUV or truck. Unlike the Fifth Wheel, they do not take up truck bed space and are relatively inexpensive in cost per square foot over their motorized sisters. If you are vacationing, just unhook the trailer at the campsite and spend the day elsewhere, and at the end of the day return to your trailer without the hassle and expense of finding an acceptable hotel/motel. Consider as well the longevity of a quality trailer. A thirty year old unit with a minimum of refurbishing is just as usable as a new one, as there is no drive train to replace.

The larger you go in trailer size, the more difficult it is to drive and handle them, and expert RVers say you can have difficulties not only steering but in braking as well. You don't want to be caught in a strong wind with a hitched trailer. Although economical, they lack the panache of a Class A RV.

Prices range from $15,000 to over $40,000 depending on size and inside amenities. Keep in mind you will need an adequately powered SUV or truck with a hitch for towing your trailer

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