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Pre-trip checklist

There is something about a vacation that turns off our regular patterns of diligence. That can be a good thing. But when it comes to vacationing in an RV, some of that diligence needs to stick around to avoid fire hazards. Here are some tips if you plan to hit the road with your RV this summer.

-Check the smoke alarms and make sure they are working.
-Work out an escape route and make sure everyone knows what it is.
-Make sure you have a fire extinguisher near the exits and that you know how it works.
-You are in an enclosed space, so when you are cooking, keep the vents open and the exhaust fans humming. And if it is chilly at night, donít use the stove to keep you warm while you sleep.
-Gas leaks can be deadly, so if you smell gas, turn off all the pilot lights, donít turn on the electrical outlets, and then turn off the gas supply and open the windows and doors. Before you hop in for another trip, make sure you have corrected the leak.
Keep your RV travel safe, and avoid any hazards that can cause a fire.

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