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Save money - be creative with your trips

Prices at the pump haven't seemed to dent the RV market yet.

Owners claim the lack of hotel bills as one factor in keeping them "on the road again". Some RVers feel it's like taking your house with you. 2004 was the benchmark year for RV sales but RVBusiness says the bump in interest rates have slowed sales. Previous rates of about 6.5 percent are now up to 8.5 percent for RV loans.

Still, after the shock early in the year, RV sales are back on track, with RV manufacturers shipping ten percent more than last year's January to April figures. Some report the RV vacation has changed somewhat, over the past few years. People are not traveling as far and staying longer at a campground than the usual two or three days before revving up and moving on.  

So don't let today's gas prices deter you…just get a little creative.

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