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Get ready for summer!

So you’ve seen the movie RV and cannot imagine you and the kids going through that trauma. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association says get smart and avoid the pitfalls Robin Williams and family experienced.

RVIA says over 30 million people love Rving and eight million of them own their own. Over nine percent of baby boomers hit the road with an RV, with a typical RV owner about fifty, married with an annual income of just under $70,000.  There are a number of websites that will help you take an RV trip including and (this one even includes a budget spreadsheet).

The advice for the summer vacation includes:
-  Get your family’s help in planning the trip…like getting maps, destination info from the web and even guide books from the library.
-  See if you can pry your kids electronic media back at the house…and leave some room for spontaneous stops…see a ball field or park? Get your gloves and ball and play catch or even whiffle ball.
-  Let your teens take charge of a day of your vacation. They plan the meals, the destination and all ancillary activities involved like purchasing tickets, etc. You can draw the line at Family Tattoo Day on South Street in Philly however.

RVIA says do your homework and see America!

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