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Rear-engine chassis

When it comes to RV’s, savvy buyers know the chassis is a crucial part of the purchasing decision.

Workhorse Custom Chassis has come out with a new gas (as well as a diesel engine option) chassis that locates the engine in the back and has a 26,000 gvwr. That stands for gross vehicle weight rating and delineates how much weight (add up the passengers, the fuel, any cargo and accessories you added to make your home more comfortable) your RV is able to carry.

Another nifty result of the chassis design is a flat floor plan. Coach makers can have a truly open floor plan rather than accommodating the rear elevations or front humps for engines. They’ve added their own front and rear suspension designs and offer a six speed automatic transmission. Workhorse says you get better handling along with a more comfortable ride, rather than having to choose between the two.

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