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Boomers and their RVs

More and more boomers are taking to the RV life. Recreational vehicles are offering luxury and convenience to the baby boomers who are looking hard at early retirement and dreams of travel. Instead of hunkering down and continuing the nine to five routine, they are embracing the ďletís do it nowĒ attitude.

Boomers donít want the inconvenience of travel however and the RV offers perks not available hotel to motel. First there is the comfort of sleeping in your own bed whether you are in Fresno with the grandkids or wintering in Vermont.

If you have pets, you donít spend half your time looking for a hotel that will allow Scruffy and MiuMiu. Want a sandwich? No need to get off the highway, just walk over to the fridge and make one. And RV parks are offering upscale living with golf, swimming pools, tennis, and pretty much anything you could ask for.

Boomers are embracing the convenience, luxury and ability to travel that RVís provide.

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