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Safety and convience in new RVs

Some new angles to the RV experience. Keeping in mind the boomers who are retiring soon and ready to take on the world, or at least the contiguous United States, via recreational vehicle, the manufacturers have made some significant moves in the area of safety and convenience.

Getting in and out has now become easier with the addition of more handrails.

Another great feature is the addition of a whole array of detectors (including smoke, carbon monoxide and liquid propane gas) to warn you of harmful toxic levels in your RV. In fact the Recreational Vehicle Association requires these items for your safety.

And although it has nothing to do with safety (unless you are driving) the home entertainment provisions are going to forestall any “Are we there yet” questions.

It seems RV owners are a committed bunch. Even though RVs average ten to twelve mpg’s, their owners haven’t complained too vociferously yet, even when the price was over $3.00 per gallon. So don’t look for a downturn in ownership due to the price at the pump. RVers will just hop in their home and drive off into the sunset…albeit a little closer to home sunset. The cost of airfare, car rental and hotel for a family still zooms past the cost of getting and staying “there” via RV.

And if you are wondering about color? Earth tones are very in. So take your arthritis medicine, grab your handrail, and take a seat in your RV. Why I can almost smell the marshmallows a’toasting right now.

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