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Class C RV

Think conventional truck or van chassis with a custom motor home welded on. Larger than the Class B, this RV's size can range from ten to 18 thousand pounds and from 20 to 30 feet long. There are usually sleeping quarters over the driver's compartment.

Although many people use these RVs for more permanent living quarters, they are best suited for weekend vacations. Like its lower Class B sister this RV is easy to drive, less costly than the Class A's and can usually find a parking space without attracting too much attention. If you are not sure about driving an RV, the Class C RV makes a nice transition and is the choice or rental companies. Purchasing a used rental can be a good deal.

Visually similar to a weekend camper, they will depreciate in value more than the travel trailer. They are not as liveable as the Class A, but can almost match them in price. People tend to overload them, forgetting the RV's van or truck roots.

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