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Best Rvs, at least the most expensive

RVing is at a whole new level and “luxury motor coaches” (don’t be thinking trailer park material here) are the kings of the parking lot.

There are new RV parks for these custom built motor homes that have gated entrances and Class A homes that retail for more than a million.

Pelican Lake, Florida (which hosts almost RV 300 sites) and other hot vacation spots are catering to this community as high priced RV’s look for a posh place to park for the winter months. There’s a tad smidgeon of snobbery here as these residents are looking to be with “the same kind of people”, i.e. other Class A “owners” in an exclusive neighborhood, albeit mobile one.

Baby boomers who have cashed in on their lucrative and fast paced life are the largest portion of “Class A” Rvers. They buy the decked out, convenience laden RV and then shell out another $300,000 for a permanent parking spot (albeit landscaped one) in a community that offers heated pools, golf courses, spas, and lighted tennis courts. Their RV’s have a portable garage attached for their Harley or BMW. Nice huh? And if you have become increasingly wary of airports and 9-11 type events, this is the life for you.

If you have a desire to travel the US and yet want all the luxuries of home, this is the life for you. No getting used to a hotel bed (or the accompanying bugs), eating inedible food in strange restaurants, or lugging those suitcases. And you make friends who return each year just as you do.

Oh, the gas hikes? If you can afford one of these RV babies, you don’t need to worry about gas.

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