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Must-see, Hi-Way Haven RV Park

If you're tooling out to Oregon in your RV, take some time to stop at the Hi-Way Haven RV Park in Sutherlin.

They've taken a page out of a '50's culture book and instituted drive in movie night for their customers at the 102 site park. The location used to be drive in movie real estate before the genre took a dip in the public's view and is being resurrected by the Park's owners.

Armed with a high powered LCD Cinema Projector, a simple laptop and a license from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, the owner can show classic films with the flick of a switch. Local theater owners don't get in a lather, as this drive in is just for the park's customers, and the operative word is classic, not contemporary. There are a ton of fabulous movies boomer's kids haven't seen and this seems like a great answer to the RV question, "where do we go tonight?"  

Since one out of every twelve households in the US owns an RV, maybe this will become a trend.

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