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Risks of Lasik

The surgery may not get your vision 20/20 due to overcorrection or undercorrection. The surgeon uses his experience from past patients to judge the correct amount and placement of laser energy to apply to your situation. But individuals may respond differently to the laser resulting in this overcorrection or undercorrection. For example, if you were farsighted an overcorrection might now find you nearsighted. Your surgeon may tell you to wait three months as this result may not be permanent.

Lack of sufficient lubricant produced in your eye after surgery may make your eyes feel dry and uncomfortable. Ask your doctor about eye drops to help the healing process and reduce this condition.

Some patients report visual aberrations after Lasik surgery. There can be a fog or haze after surgery, glares, halos and some times seeing double, although not a prevalent response in most surgeries. Some corneas do not heal well, and a "bandaid" in the form of a special contact lens can help the process along. Another result of irregular healing is actual loss of some of your vision. Doctors say this rarely happens but once the healing is complete, taking even a year, the vision will improve. Inflammation and infection can also result from this surgery.

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