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Got Contacts?

If you consistently wear contact lenses should you schedule surgery for Lasik? Here are some questions that might help you decide.

  • How long can you wear your contacts without getting uncomfortable? Do you need to keep adding eye drops to keep wearing them all day?

  • Do you long for the day when you wake up you won't have to hunt for your glasses to make it to the bathroom to put in your contacts?

  • Knowing that it is not a good idea to sleep in your contacts or extend your wear beyond what is prescribed, do you do it anyway?

  • When swimming, or hot tubbing it, do you neglect to remove your contacts, even though this might predispose you to infection?

If you answered yes to some or most of the questions, Lasik surgery might be a good move for you. You may be risking your vision, as it is, with the kind of stress you are putting on your eyes.

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