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Refractive Reflections

Before deciding, here are some other things to think about...

  • How cutting edge are you? If you do not like to take risks, then Lasik may not be for you. There are always issues of possible complications and this is still relatively new surgery.

  • What is your job? How dependent is your job on the perfection of your sight?

  • Can you afford it? This is not an inexpensive surgery and most medical insurance plans do not cover it.

  • Is your vision still changing? If you are still young and in your 20's (if you are under 18, fugettaboutit), pregnant or breastfeeding your child, diabetic, or reliant on prescriptions that influence your vision, then now may not be the time for Lasik surgery. Your refractive ability needs to be stable before eye assessment and measurements will be accurate enough for surgery.

  • Are you on medication or suffering from a disease that can deter the healing process? Think HIV, lupus, RA or steroids.

  • Have you had any previous instance of eye disease (things like glaucoma, blepharitis, enlarged pupils...even inflammation or dry eye counts here), eye injury or eye surgery? Make sure you mention it in your exam.

  • What are your expectations from the surgery? Your goals may not be appropriate for your eye condition. Requiring 20/20 vision may be a desire, but your goal may have to settle for less. Most doctors recognize that this surgery often reduces your reliance on glasses and contacts, not eliminate their need altogether.

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