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Lasik Surgery

Your arms just aren't long enough to read the menu or your glasses slip off your nose when you are about the take the long drive down the second fairway. Enough is enough you say and you make a call to the local Lasik surgery doctor to "get it done". Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or suffer from astigmatism, there may be some surgical help to restore your vision and avoid the irritating accommodations you make to failing vision.

Even if you feel you can accommodate the irritating aspects of impaired vision, you may find that there are other issues to consider. If you wear eyeglasses to address myopic vision you often have the effect of "minification", i.e., when things you are looking at appear smaller than they actually are, and consequently farther away as well. This can be deceptive when it comes to perceiving depth. It is not an earth shattering condition unless, say, you operate heavy machinery, are a firefighter or a police officer having a hard time determining how far away things are or if you are involved in sports like baseball. Add to this a difficulty with peripheral vision due to glasses and you can see how glasses can be a detriment to job performance, even dangerous. Both contact lenses and Lasik surgery will eradicate these issues.

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