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Lasik eye surgery cost

Lasik is not cheap.  But if you consider how much you will spend on glasses or contacts over the years it is actually quite a bargain!

Consider this.  A person who wears contact lenses will spend around $300 per year on Dr. visits and contacts.  How about glasses?  If you wear high quality stuff and replace them every two years you will spend around $600 every two years (Dr. visit and prescription sunglasses included).  So we have $300 per year for contacts or glasses - not cheap!

Consider that Lasik eye surgery costs anywhere from $1600 to $2600 per eye depending on the type of procedure and Doctor you go to.  

Now we can do a simple break-even analysis on the cost of each option.  If you go through a low cost procedure and pay $3200 for both eyes it will take 11 years for you to break even on your eyesight.  It will take 18 years to break even if you have an expensive procedure.

Are you going to be around in 11-18 years?  If so, Lasik does not cost all that much!

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