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Best Lasik approach

Another quick look at lasik surgery…here are some potential results to keep in mind.

Corneal haze is a common side effect but usually fades after the surgery, over time. This is not always the case, however. You can’t correct it with contact lenses. You’ll have to have another surgery such as CustomVue WaveFront, to correct the scarring issue.

Another result could be poorer vision than pre surgery sight due to this scar tissue and the need for another surgery or the necessity of wear contacts or glasses (the reason you had the surgery to begin with). Add to the list microkeratome (the cutting of a flap in your eye with a blade) gone bad, with the hinge being cut off completely. When the flap is damaged, you could experience poor vision.

Any kind of blade surgery may result in blurred vision. Once you are out of surgery, there’s always the chance of infection, particularly in PRK and LASEK cases. Medication most often solves this problem, but infection can result in blurred vision. Keep in mind that if you are pregnant or a diabetic this surgery is not a good idea.

The condition of your eye is also of concern. Anyone with thin corneas, dry eyes or large pupils should think twice about lasik surgery.

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