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Homework to do before lasik

With Lasik surgery, you can’t take your vision back for a “refund”, so be sure you know as much as you can before the surgery. As you vet your potential doctor, make sure you get an in-depth evaluation. The doctor will use a computer to direct the laser and will need to know specifics about your current sight to make the necessary computations.

Make sure the doctor does a pupil examination, a refraction test, an eye motility test, checks confrontational visual field as well as a slit lamp exam. There should be an intraocular pressure test and dilation. If you are planning on laser treatment, you should have an ultrasonic corneal thickness test, have corneal curvature measurements taken. Add to your check list a wave scan and an optomap retinal photographic analyses.
Once your doctor has the data gleaned from the tests, you should be asked about your vision routine, how you use your eyes each day, like truck driving, computer work or child care, for example. Importantly, you need to express your expectations from the lasik surgery, so the doctor can confirm or deny the possible results.

The best the surgeon can offer is a ninety eight percent chance of 20/25 vision. If your surgeon just takes your glasses and runs them through a machine to take vision measurements and does not do the in depth testing, you may be asking for a seventy five percent chance or less of having the elusive 20/25 vision.

Your vision is a crucial part of your health and welfare. Make sure you do all your homework before agreeing to anything less than the best care.

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