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LadarVision 400- excimer laser

If you are on the Lasik surgery fence, here is some information that might sway you. There is a new type of laser that formerly dubbed “high risk” Lasik surgery patients can now face with safety.

LadarVision 400- excimer laser (now that’s an eyeful) makes surgery on large pupils (people with pupils greater than six millimeters in size account for about half the population) possible without the high rate of post op issues like halos, glare and poor vision at night. The good news is that if you have these problems since your Lasik surgery, the LadarVision approach can help fix these issues.

It’s pretty expensive and it is not practiced industry wide, but worth looking into if you have been turned down previously for Lasik surgery. When you go in for a preliminary exam for Lasik, make sure the doctor measures your pupil in a dark room…precision is important. Then see if the new approach will be a better fit for you.

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