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How specialized do I want to get?

There are generic MBA's that give you a general background in the basics of economics, marketing and financial concepts. But take a few steps further and you can find a world of specialized subjects that can be taken under the MBA program. If you are working in or thinking of working in the field of non-profits, there are courses and specialty MBA's geared to this segment. Are you hoping to take a step up in the business of health administration? There are specialized MBA's for all kinds of disciplines and economic fields. When looking for an MBA, consider if you know exactly where you want to end up and need to be as specific as possible, or if you want to be able to keep all your options wide open by studying in a more general program.

Backyard or around the world

Where do you intend to apply your new business skills? With increased globalization of business, you may have aspirations to work in an international firm perhaps in Tokyo or Berlin or both. There are schools that offer programs more geared to international business practices where you will find the world doing business a little differently. This specialization in international business give you the edge when applying to corporations that have offices in any number of countries.

But why pay for a program that offers this breadth and depth if you are thinking of opening up your own business with little desire to move cross culturally? It is best to know the direction of your aspirations geographically when choosing an MBA program.

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