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Harvard, Wharton or Quinnipiac?

The temptation is to stand in awe of an MBA from Harvard or Wharton Business School. You can find these schools and others regularly reaching the top ranks in BusinessWeek's and The Economist's yearly lists. But most of MBA granting schools don't make these much touted lists, yet will provide you with a fabulous education to accomplish your goals.

The idea behind choosing a cream of the crop B school is that you will make only the best connections, and corporate America will be more likely to hire you regardless of final GPA, than the top graduate of a lesser known school. If this is very important to you, then make sure you check out the yearly rankings and start with these schools.

However, Quinnipiac University has a nice Health Administration program that might suit you to a T. Don't buy merely into a reputation, make sure the school meets all (or as many as possible) requirements.

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