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Should I get an MBA?

  • If you long to be your own boss, have that great idea but aren't sure of how to go about it, an MBA can give you that expertise to help ensure a successful business launch. One study reported a 50% lower business failure rate among those starting a new business if they had their MBA.

  • If you want to get there more quickly. On-the-job training is great, but if you are tapping your feet waiting to be promoted to the next level, an MBA can be the best way to get the knowledge and skills you need to see it happen sooner.

  • If you want to specialize. Getting your MBA in a newer specialized business area such as internet business or wireless communications, can give you a leg up on your competition.

  • If you want to get networked. Huddling with your classmates over this project or that class report, will create new relationships that can last a lifetime. Mentoring at a business school can also be an invaluable tool to success. When you go for the latest corporate client, you may find yourself sitting across from the student in your first year study group...the one you tutored into the night so he could pass calculus. The alumni at your B(business) school can also help you when you are job searching or looking for professional contacts.

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