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Big jump in recruiting offers for grads

If you are still on the fence about getting your MBA, note that the trend in B School graduate success rates continues. Almost 99% of 60 schools report a large jump in recruiting offers to their MBA grads, and 70% say entry pay and sign on the dotted line bonuses are definitely up.

The main pushers of these statistics are consulting and financial services firms. More and more of these recruiters are looking for foreign students who will join their firm back in their mother country or close to it.  The biggest change, in fact since the 90’s is this interest in the international B school population. If you are thinking China must figure in there somewhere, you are right.

Although a recruiter is looking for definitive technical know how, the operative word these days is “globalization”. Show your potential employers you have a global sense with either experience overseas or at least an in depth knowledge of the international marketplace.  If you can legitimately slip China into the interview, as in “I lived in China during my Junior year” or “I taught English in Beijing, just to get an idea of what makes the economy tick”, it’s a good thing.

And finally, keep in mind that it matters where you get your MBA…top companies go to top schools. Sad but true.

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