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People or Computer

In our networked society, there is the option of distance learning which has helped any number of people get the information and training they need to be successful in their field. You can earn an MBA by sitting in front of your computer getting background, homework and some streamed teaching, reading the books, and then back to the computer for taking the exams. With your time frame and budget this might be a great fit. It requires an extremely disciplined student who can make and keep their own schedule of studying and testing.

But you are dying for those study groups to help you better understand the concepts. You long for the moment when the professor asks if anyone has any questions. You want to be able to ask the TA how you are doing and where do you need to improve in your understanding.

The networking aspect of a B school is very appealing to your future goals. Then make sure you go to a school where you can have this type of interaction.

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