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MBA and Gender

If you are female and looking for an MBA, the Princeton Review has made a top ten list just for you….female friendly MBA programs in the US.

The Review based its list on the percentages of students who are female, of faculty who are female and the school’s support system for women. Taken into account: is there coursework for women entrepreneurs and whether case studies include material that reflect women in business. 

The top school listed is Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. In fact three Massachusetts schools made the list…UMass-Amherst and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Cornell and NYU were fourth and sixth and Chattanooga’s University of Tennessee was listed second. UC Berkeley and UC Davis in California made the list . University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and George Washington University round out the top ten.

So if you are female and thinking of an MBA, check into these schools for an education that considers women in the business mix.

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