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Get that resume ready!

Creating a resume is one of those things we all think will happen easily and with little effort.  Until we begin writing it.  Let's add it up.  Read current resume book - 3 hours.  Write up resume - 2 hours.  Try to make MS Word format the resume properly - several hours... 

Anyone looking for a new job should have the best resume possible.  It could be the difference between your dream job and just a job.  What to do?  Perhaps you could benefit from using a professional resume creation service. You may have spent $500 on a new suit for interviews, how about spending a couple hundred to have the best resume possible? 

One resume creation service says that the correlation between having a professionally created resume and the number of interviews is clearly anecdotal.  Then again, that new suit may or may not help either... 

Our recommendation, take your job search seriously.  If you need to "outsource" some things to perform your job search with excellence - do it.  It will be worth the money.

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