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MBA could be the "hammer" to break the glass ceiling

If women want to break the glass ceiling in the corporate world, an MBA might provide the hammer, or at least a few well placed stones. But only about a quarter of MBA students are women, compared to the movement to fifty fifty in the medical and law schools.

Part of the problem is the two to six years of experience B schools encourage before accepting you. Thatís prime time for starting a family and the clash of time and energy can be daunting. Once you are off track itís difficult to get back on target. Going for an MBA can jump start that movement. Women also are put off by the uber competitive and cut throat reputation some B schools promote. The option is to seek out a school that offers more collaborative study and team work within a small classroom environment.

Although there is still gender barriers to the top positions, an MBA can give you the edge to the next tier. 

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