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Two stage Snow Blower

If you have a non-paved driveway and frequent, significant snow, consider a two stage gas fueled snow blower. The auger is metal, unlike the single stage rubber tipped auger, and comprises the first stage. It is elevated above the housing so it does not touch the surface you are clearing and comes with wheels. Make sure you see how close the auger will come to the ground and if it is adjustable. The auger moves more slowly than the lighter single stage blower, but in the second stage things speed up when another mechanism spins quickly to throw the snow out of the chute.

There are forward and reverse speeds that make for a self propelled machine. This movement gives you more control over the machine and you can avoid anything you do not want picked up and thrown. It also makes for an easier time negotiating a hilly or sloping walk or driveway.

These machines are heavier (50 to 100 lbs.) and more powerful than the electric options, operating with an engine that can go up to 11 horsepower. The two stage snow blower tends to be wider for a path of up to over 30 inches.

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