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Power Max by Toro

“More power”, the mantra of toolmen of the 90’s everywhere still lives. And snow thrower manufacturers understand this. Most likely you won’t need a ton of snow throwing power for your winter needs. But if you live in an area with snow falling in a single storm hitting the ten to twelve inch mark or that awful wet sticky snow that stays on your shovel, rest assured there is a snow thrower for you.

At a price tag of more than a thousand dollars, the Power Max from Toro is selling very well. It’s a two stage model that screams macho…and macho men everywhere are bellying up to the bar for the joy of handling one of these big guys. After all in this case there is no such thing as too much power. Much better to have a tool that will do the job, rather than blowing out your motor and not getting the job done.

Moving up to more power a couple of times can get expensive. So if you are a big man on the block wannabe, don’t be afraid of the Power Max. Just keep in mind you probably don’t need it, and then just snow blow away to your heart’s content.

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