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Snow Blowers or Snow Throwers

Call them whatever you like. The technical term for snow blowers is actually snow throwers but hey — we try to be conversational here at AbbysGuide. That means we will use the slang term for some of the product areas we cover just like you would when speaking with a friend.

When the first snows of winter appear, you will want to Boy Scout it up and "be prepared". Are you tired of lingering back ache after attacking the driveway? Is this the year you forego the shovel for something a little less back breaking? Stopping short of hiring a service to plow out your driveway (they are still not going to do your walkway), what are your options?

First look at the areas that you will be clearing of snow. Is your driveway paved or stone and loose gravel? Are you looking at a few feet or a long and winding road? Is the terrain up and down or flat? Are you located in Bemidji, Minnesota or somewhere significantly less blessed with snow each winter? This will tell you if you are going to be hauling out the machine every week or once or twice each winter.

At the low end, price wise as well as coverage area, look at the electric single stage snow blower.

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