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Let it snow!

I can just smell the snow coming…time to think about how to get the white stuff off my walks and driveway.  Maybe this year is the time to get a snow thrower.

My first dilemma is choosing between 2 or 4 cycle throwers. Save yourself a mixing moment and get the four cycle that includes separate tanks – one for gas and one for oil. With the 2 cycle, you have to play chemist and mix the two in whatever proportion the machine requires. Whatever cycle you choose though, make sure you get the right oil (SAE 30 for a four cycle model and special oil for the two cycle models).

Then there is the single or two stage choice. If your environment produces mostly light, dry snow, then go for the single cycle that takes the snow up and out in one action. If you anticipate heavier stuff, save yourself some backtracking and purchase a two stage thrower that will cut through more snow and ice.

How wide is your path? If you are inclined toward an electric model, know that you may be limited to as small as one foot across paths. Gas power will get you over 30 inches in some models. Don't let the season get past you without discussing your snowblowing plans with other like minded people in our snowblower forum.

By the way, more power does not need to be your byword when it comes to snow throwers. If a driveway is on your snow covered real estate, a 5 or 6 hp thrower will do the job. And after your purchase, you can safely “Think Snow”.

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